European Street Cafe Beer Club

Become an elite brewmaster and earn yourself one free beer, everyday, for one full year. Heck, it is just fun to try. Ask your server for a Beer Around the World card and start collecting the National flags from countries around the globe famous for their special brews on your European Street Cafe beer passport. Once you have enjoyed one of each of  the 100 or so imported bottles from countries all over the globe, your name will be added to our hand etched name plaque, forever displaying your legacy.

Speaking of beer...

 We are often  asked if we can special order beer.  The short answer is "maybe."  Read on for the long answer:

Beers brewed in countries outside the United States are generally brewed specifically for the American market. For instance, there are three Guinness breweries worldwide. The first one, and now the smallest of the three, is located in Ireland. There are also breweries in Jamaica, W.I. and South Africa (the largest). These breweries brew one Guinness for “in country” and one for export. The Guinness you drink in Ireland is different than the Guinness you drink in Jamaica or England or the United States.

Occasionally, beers from smaller, local breweries make their way onto ships. These are most likely limited edition brews and very special.

Throughout the year European Street Cafe buyers search for these rare beers and buy all that is available. Then, at Christmas, we combine them with established, popular imports and American crafted beers to create an eight-beer sampler pack that has no rival in originality and taste. They are available year-round and make the ideal gift for the brewmaster in your life.